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Useful links: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc…

Most successful PR campaigns work across several different platforms. One of the challenges practitioners face is working out which channels to use to engage with target audiences. Here are few links that might help you understand some of the characteristics of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the rest…

Brian Solis’s Conversation Prism has been around for a while but it is a good starting point.

In classes we have looked at Dove and Innocent Drinks – check back and see how they have evolved.

Networked Britain: Great Britain has 37 million social network users

Brian Solis on How Dunkin Donuts uses social media to improve customer relations

KLM on Social Media

Facebook’s 2011 – year in numbers
Everyone is on Facebook  so Facebook is right for everything??

For more stats on social media platforms, check Social Bakers

Solis says: “If Twitter is your window to relevance, Facebook is your focal point for the social web.”

The Business Case for Facebook and From e-commerce to f-commerce

Check out Levi’s FB Like video and this Sad Friend campaign (and think ethics?)

Traction? Inclusion? Intrusion?

Five reasons your Facebook Page has no traction
How four brands manage their wildly successful Facebook pages

Red Bull – 26.3 million Facebook fans

What we can learn:

• Brevity is the soul of building your fan base;
• Strong content paves the road to becoming a lifestyle brand.

Coca-Cola – 38.3 million Facebook fans

What we can learn:

• Give your fans ownership.

Victoria’s Secret & Oreo – 17.3 million and 24.5 million fans, respectively

What we can learn:

• If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

1. Coca-Cola: 34,511,504
2. Starbucks: 25,446,846
3. Oreo: 23,092,391
4. Red Bull: 22,427,254
5. Converse All Star: 20,780,055
6. Converse: 20,141,021
7. Skittles: 19,348,317
8. Playstation: 17,420,065
9. Pringles: 13,602,128
10. Victoria’s Secret: 15,343,727


Official Facebook data

Rethinking Information Diversity in Networks

 YouTube – Stats are phenomenal (Social Bakers)

Adam Vincenzini’s YouTube presentation:

Twitter – Stats (Social Bakers

Solis: State of the Twitterverse 2012

40 Twitter Power Tips

American Airlines uses Twitter to Defuse Security Incident

Qantas Twitter comp goes not quite as planned 

Tweet reach


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